Head's Blog

  • A Day in the Life of Rhodes Avenue

    date posted: 25/09/14

    Congratulations to Natalie Gilbert, from 5CB, who made an excellent 'Headteacher for the Day' yesterday. More information and photographs from this special day will be shared in my next newsletter.

    I popped over to Reception Class yesterday afternoon to see how the final group of Reception Class children were settling in. They all looked very happy indeed and were engaged in a variety of exciting activities. The highlight for me, however, was being treated to a wonderful rendition of Doe a Deer, from the Sound of Music, by the delightful Stanley from Kingfisher Class. Another reminder of why I love this job so much! 

  • Onward and upward!

    date posted: 12/09/14

    We have now been back in school for two weeks and the children are all enjoying their first topics. A number of topic launches have taken place, including drama performances, imaginative films, Roman PE sessions, Greek workshops, Rainforest quizzes and Mayan tasting sessions!

    These activities have really whetted the children's appetites for their future learning and we all look forward to hearing their reviews at the end of term.