Welcome to the Rhodes Avenue School

Whether you are a current parent/carer or pupil, considering sending your child here in the future, or simply interested in our school, I hope you will find our website interesting and informative.

Rhodes Avenue is a very special school where our children are at the heart of all we do. We aim to instil a love of learning in all our children and, with it, the confidence to take risks and develop ownership of their learning. We celebrate individuality and diversity in school, and deliver a curriculum which promotes in the children empathy, tolerance and an understanding of each other.

Our school benefits from so many advantages, none more so than its own unique young people. We are a centre of high aspirations, promoting excellence, and supporting ambition and optimism, both in the present and also for the future.

 ‘Rhodes Avenue Primary School strives to provide the best in primary education. Working in partnership with the local community, the pupils, staff, parents, and governors continue to pursue excellence in all aspects of school life. Our aim is for all children to enjoy learning, and to achieve success in a healthy, happy, and inclusive environment.’

The school’s ethos supports parents and families in raising children who will grow to become responsible adults, ready to meet the demands of a fast-moving world, whilst treasuring the wonder and magic of childhood, helping them to grow – but not too fast.

As a school, we embrace our pivotal role in the community we serve, and acknowledge the importance of contributing to the wider community. Both individually and collectively, we understand our role and consequent responsibilities as citizens, not only of Rhodes Avenue, but also of our local community, and of wider communities beyond – both physical and virtual. The school aims to ensure that its pupils develop as global citizens in order that they are able to seize and shape their world.

Rhodes Avenue has many aspects of school life to celebrate, the pupils’ academic achievements, their sporting talents, the inclusive atmosphere and the quality of education provided. 


The priorities for the year ahead are:

  • To continue to build on and further develop a personalised curriculum that excites learning and promotes high aspiration and achievement for all. 
  • To develop and share clear systems for tracking pupil achievement and progress across the whole curriculum.  To be fully prepared for a world with ‘no levels’.
  • To further develop the positive parent and community relationships enabling a positive impact on pupil progress and attainment.
  • To establish and further strengthen the leadership team at the school and establish myself as the Headteacher at Rhodes Avenue Primary School.

Adrian Hall


    School Dates

    Christmas Shows (Performance Hall):

    Wednesday 9th Dec.

    Show/Group 1 (10:00) (Classes: RSP/1DR/2SS/3NF/4SC/5ST)

    Show/Group 3 (14:00) (Classes: RLM/1SP/2CT/3RM/4CB/5AD)

    Thursday 10th Dec.

    Show/Group 2 (10:00) (Classes: RMC/1KBNW/2KG/3JM/4PH/5AD)

    Show/Group 1 (14:00) (Classes: RSP/1DR/2SS/3NF/4SC/5ST)

    Friday 11th Dec

    Show/Group 3 (10:00) (Classes: RLM/1SP/2CT/3RM/4CB/5ST)

    Show/Group 2 (14:00) (Classes: RMC/1KBNW/2KG/3JM/4PH/5AD)

    Prospective Parents' School Visits

    26th November (10:00 am) (full)

    3rd December (10:00 am) (full)

    7th January (10:00 am) (full)

    14th January (10:00 am) (full)

    Additional School Events:


    25th Year 4 Trip to Hindu Temple

    27th Deadline for Shoe Boxes


    3rd Infant Choir Performance

    7th Christmas Carols in aid of Shelter

    14th  Reception/Infant Christmas Parties

    15th Year 1 trip to the Lyric Theatre 

    16th Nursery Christmas Party  

    17th Christmas Carol Concert

    RAPSA Dates:

    20th November Quiz Night

    5th December Christmas Fair